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Fresh Bread

Learning to bake bread was a top quarantine activity for many. For too long, I neglected to post the method my wife and I have been using for years. It’s time to fix that. This recipe is quick and easy, … Continue reading

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Covid-19: Analysis of Mortality Data

Data source: The CDC, my spreadsheets are here and here which should be easier to work with. Previous Covid-19 work here that is potentially relevant these days: Covid 7/9: Lies, Damn Lies and Death Rates, Covid 7/2: It Could Be Worse, Covid-19: … Continue reading

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Covid-19: My Current Model

The post will be a summary of my current key views on various aspects of what is going on, especially in places where I see many or most responsible-looking people getting it importantly wrong. This post is not making strong evidence-based arguments for these … Continue reading

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Covid-19: Comorbidity

We’ve all seen statistics that most people who die of Covid-19 have at least one comorbidity. They also almost all have the particular comorbidity of age. The biggest risk, by far, is being old. The question that I don’t see being properly asked anywhere … Continue reading

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Game Analysis Index

This post links to this blog’s posts discussing game design, balance, economics and related topics, as well as any strategy posts. It does not contain new content. Much of the blog is relevant to gaming, but these are the explicitly … Continue reading

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Epistemic Status: Reference post. Strong beliefs strongly held after much thought, but hard to explain well. Intentionally abstract. Disambiguation: This does not refer to any physical good, app or piece of software. Further Research (book, recommended but not at all … Continue reading

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Out to Get You

Epistemic Status: Reference. Expanded From: Against Facebook, as the post originally intended. Some things are fundamentally Out to Get You.  They seek resources at your expense. Fees are hidden. Extra options are foisted upon you. Things are made intentionally worse, forcing … Continue reading

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Complexity Is Bad

Previously: Choices are Bad, Change Is Bad Meta Note: Early drafts were too complex. Complexity is Bad. I simplified. Mark Rosewater, head of design at Magic: The Gathering who I recently praised for writing down his process, has a podcast called Drive … Continue reading

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Choices are Bad

Epistemic Status: Spent way too long deciding what to put here Kind of a Follow-Up to: Change is Bad Will Hopefully Lead To, But No Promises: Some combination of, when and if I write them: Complexity is Bad, Choices Are … Continue reading

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