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Metrics in Everything: “Human Lives”

Epistemic Status: Ranting with the fire of a thousand suns I was on page 48 of the (so far) otherwise interesting and enjoyable Algorithms to Live By, a birthday gift from my friend Jacob who writes the blog Put a … Continue reading

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The AI Paper with The Best Title Ever

Epistemic Status: Confident I understood the paper, but no promises on its implications The title is “Learning to learn by gradient descent by gradient descent.” If anyone can top that title I am eager to hear about it. The idea … Continue reading

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Book Review: How Asia Works by Joe Studwell

How Asia Works has a theory about how development economics works: You must follow The Way. To the extent that you follow The Way, your country will prosper. To the extent that you fail to follow The Way, your country … Continue reading

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Things that want to be posts

Epistemic Status: Attempting Epistemology Structural Status: Necessary but pretty probably terrible I was at an unconference this past weekend. One of the things that became clear to me was that I need to be writing again, and writing more, and … Continue reading

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