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I Started a Sports and Gambling Substack

The substack is here. The latest post is here and contains predictions for tomorrow’s baseball games. I also posted predictions for yesterday’s games here, and here you can find my offensive team ratings. Pitcher ratings will be posted soon. I … Continue reading

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Fresh Bread

Learning to bake bread was a top quarantine activity for many. For too long, I neglected to post the method my wife and I have been using for years. It’s time to fix that. This recipe is quick and easy, … Continue reading

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Potential Ways to Fight Mazes

The previous post listed some of the causes of higher than normal maze present in today’s society.  This post asks what might be done about it, both as an individual and via group coordination. I believe it is better to … Continue reading

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United We Blame

Blame Index Funds: Overbooking and Cross Selling (first story) Blame The Law: The Deeper Scandal of That Brutal United Video Blame The Culture of Law Enforcement in Aviation:The Real Reason a Man Was Dragged Off That United Flight and How To Stop … Continue reading

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Escalator Action

Epistemic Status: Slow ride. Take it easy. You Memba Elevator Action? I memba. A recent study (link is to NY Times) came out saying that we should not walk on escalators, because not walking is faster. From the article: The train … Continue reading

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The Thing and the Symbolic Representation of The Thing

Let’s assume there is a thing that all would agree is, in context, a Good Thing(tm) that someone in your situation would want. Do you want the thing, or do you want the symbolic representation of the thing?* This sounds … Continue reading

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What If It Rains?

Follow Up To: Full Service Gas stations in New Jersey do not have awnings to protect customers from the rain. Let us presume for the moment that due to some combination of inertia, regulations and initial costs, it is not … Continue reading

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NFL is a perfect example of complexity creep

The NFL has voted to adopt a new rule that extra point attempts are snapped from the fifteen yard line, whereas two point conversions will continue to be run from the two yard line, but with the additional rule that … Continue reading

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In a world… of venture capital

On Twitter, Robin Hanson asked a question yesterday I have given a lot of thought to, which is why the bigger venture capital firms dominate the market and make oversize profits while the other firms taken together make almost no … Continue reading

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