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Just Saying What You Mean is Impossible

Response to: Conversation Deliberately Skirts the Border of Incomprehensibility (SlateStarCodex) “Why don’t people just say what they mean?” They can’t. I don’t mean they don’t want to. I don’t mean that they choose not to. I don’t even mean they have been … Continue reading

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On Dragon Army

Analysis Of: Dragon Army: Theory & Charter (30 Minute Read) Epistemic Status: Varies all over the map from point to point Length Status: In theory I suppose it could be longer This is a long post is long post responding … Continue reading

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Persona 5: Spoiler-Free Review

Epistemic Status: Spent 101 hours finishing the game, and similar amounts on finishing Persona 3 and Persona 4. Short Version: Strongly endorse the game, the best Persona experience yet, but in the most important ways Persona 3 is still the … Continue reading

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How to Destroy Civilization

Epistemic Status: Parable. Can’t tell to what extent I am being serious but it’s not zero. I. Recently I made a huge mistake. At heart, I am a gamer. Playing games is fun and makes me happy, whereas not playing … Continue reading

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Self Service Roundup

Follow-up to: Full Service Before moving on to other topics, I thought I would round out my thoughts on self/full service itself (for some good follow-up on the drugstores, see the comments of the previous post) about the History of Self-Service, … Continue reading

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Private Firm vs. Public Firm Earnings

Robin Hanson asks: Interesting that private firms have 67% of employees yet only 20% of profits. Is this mostly because owners take “profits” off the books to avoid taxes, or because owners attend more to growing firm value than to … Continue reading

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