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Altruism is Incomplete

Previously (SlateStarCodex) on Effective Altruism: Fear and Loathing at Effective Altruism Global 2017 I A few weeks ago, I listened to a podcast from Freakonomics Radio that purported to ask the question, Are The Rich Less Generous Than The Poor? A clever … Continue reading

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Paths Forward on Berkeley Culture Discussion

Epistemic Status: Not canon, not claiming anything, citations not provided, I can’t prove anything and you should definitely not be convinced unless you get there on your own. Style Note: Phrases with Capitalized Words other than that one, that are … Continue reading

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Seattle Minimum Wage Study (Part 3): Tell Me Why I’m Wrong, Please!

Previously: On the Seattle Minimum Wage Study (part 1), On the Seattle Minimum Wage Study (part 2) To summarize the finding of my previous two part analysis: There was a study of the recent raising of the Seattle minimum wage and its … Continue reading

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What Is Rationalist Berkley’s Community Culture?

Rationalist Status: Wonky (if you are not interested in the rationalist community or mission, this one is not for you) Epistemic Status: Continuing the discussion Response to (read this first): The Craft Is Not The Community (Otium) Sarah’s post, The Craft … Continue reading

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Choices Are Really Bad

Previously: Choices are Bad Last time, I gave two (related) reasons Choices are Bad: Choices Reduce Perceived Value and Choices Force You Into Choosing Mode. Despite not looking like much, these reasons are Serious Business. They can render us unable to … Continue reading

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Something Was Wrong

Previously (elsewhere): The Order of the Soul (Compass Rose) Last week we went to see a classroom for our son. The school in question had quite a good reputation. This was a place people wanted their kids to go, and when … Continue reading

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Complexity Is Bad

Previously: Choices are Bad, Change Is Bad Meta Note: Early drafts were too complex. Complexity is Bad. I simplified. Mark Rosewater, head of design at Magic: The Gathering who I recently praised for writing down his process, has a podcast called Drive … Continue reading

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