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Free-to-Play Games: Three Key Trade-Offs

Most free-to-play games, especially mobile free-to-play games, use similar models to extract revenue and keep players coming back. These models work by creating toxic trade-offs that are central to their functioning. This post highlights the main three, and will act … Continue reading

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Who To Root For: 2019 College Football Edition

Epistemic Status: Unquestionably Accurate Football, like all sports, is better with someone to root for, and someone to root against. It’s us versus them. Ideally, it’s our house, because no one beats us in our house. That gives us a … Continue reading

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Dual Wielding

Previously: More Dakka Epistemic Status: The Dakka Files Smartphones are wonderful things. Get a second one. And get a lot of chargers.

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Mistake Versus Conflict Theory of Against Billionaire Philanthropy

Response To (SlateStarCodex):¬†Against Against Billionaire Philanthropy I agree with all the central points in Scott Alexander’s Against Against Billionaire Philanthropy. I find his statements accurate and his arguments convincing. I have quibbles with specific details and criticisms of particular actions. … Continue reading

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Everybody Knows

“Everybody knows that the dice are loaded. Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed. Everybody knows the war is over. Everybody knows the good guys lost.” – Leonard Cohen, Everybody Knows “It is known.” – Dothraki saying It is not known. … Continue reading

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Magic Arena Bot Drafting

Epistemic Status: Attempting to be useful and to learn via exploration. Real proposals. Content assumes familiarity with Magic: The Gathering booster drafting, but does not much depend on a knowledge of deep Magic strategy, so it holds potential interest for … Continue reading

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Press Your Luck

Epistemic Status: Oh, we’re doing this. Press Your Luck is back! Press Your Luck is back! Wednesday Nights on ABC! Woo-hoo!

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