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Covid 9/17: It’s Worse

Last week we learned there is plausibly a simple, cheap and easy way out of this entire mess. All we have to do is take our Vitamin D. In case it needed to be said, no. We are not taking … Continue reading

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Spoiler-Free Review: Orwell

Orwell is another game in the discrete-choices-over-time genre. In this case, you are an investigator, and choose which ‘datachunks’ to upload into the system. From there, others will take action. Like other games in the genre, if you are going … Continue reading

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Free Money at PredictIt: 2020 General Election

Previously: Free Money at PredictIt? It’s time for another look at PredictIt. Is there free money? What are our best options for free money?  The short answer is that there is free money if and only if you have available … Continue reading

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Covid 9/10: Vitamin D

Last week: Covid 9/3: Meet the New CDC Imagine there is a simple, cheap, safe and effective solution for Covid-19.  The solution is something known to be safe. It is widely available for reasonable prices. Any patents have long expired. … Continue reading

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Spoiler-Free Review: Monster Train

Epistemic Status: Covenant Rank 8 (meaning I’ve won 8 runs, one each on each of levels 0-7) after about 20 games played. As is my template, a spoiler-free review seeks to answer the question “should I play this game?” without … Continue reading

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An Open Letter To The Congregation Regarding The Upcoming Holiday

Under normal circumstances, in a few days we would gather together to celebrate the festival of Purim. We celebrate by reading together the megillah. It tells a timeless story for every generation about standing up and avoiding death. Since, as … Continue reading

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Mazes Sequence Roundup: Final Thoughts and Paths Forward

There are still two elephants in the room that I must address before concluding. Then I will discuss paths forward. Moloch’s Army The first elephant is Moloch’s Army. I still can’t find a way into this without sounding crazy. The … Continue reading

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Protecting Large Projects Against Mazedom

Previous Post: Create a Full Alternative Stack If we wish to accomplish something that would benefit from or require a larger organization or more levels of management and bureaucracy, what should we do in light of the dangers of mazes? There … Continue reading

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Create a Full Alternative Stack

Last time I proposed nine strategies for fighting mazes. All of them were either systemic solutions requiring coordinated and/or political action, or cultural shifts that happen one person at a time. Now for the tenth and final proposal for how … Continue reading

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Potential Ways to Fight Mazes

The previous post listed some of the causes of higher than normal maze present in today’s society.  This post asks what might be done about it, both as an individual and via group coordination. I believe it is better to … Continue reading

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