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Marvel Snap: Phase 1

Usual game approach. I’ll start off spoiler-free, then proceed to the semi-spoiled section, then to the Here Be Spoilers section. Maximally Spoiler-Free (1 Bit of Info): Should You Play? No.

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Weekly Roundup #3

Another experiment for everyone (in addition to the one in this week’s Covid post) is that I want to better figure out when to split things off into their own posts. Is there anything here you would link to or … Continue reading

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Covid 10/27/22: Another Origin Story

The big story this week was a new preprint claiming to show that Covid-19 had an unnatural origin. For several days, this was a big story with lots of arguing about it, lots of long threads, lots of people accusing … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup #2

Experimenting with pushing the non-Covid roundup on Friday instead of Thursday, and trying out dropping non-Covid from the title, and I plan to start pulling more focused posts out of the bank of written stuff in a week or two. … Continue reading

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Covid 10/20/22: Wait, We Did WHAT?

The what, in this case, was the type of thing that could cause another pandemic: This has not made enough people very angry, and is insufficiently widely regarded as a bad move. It happened, and we are paying for similar … Continue reading

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Balsa FAQ

The Balsa FAQ can be found here. This is a link post rather than a copy so that the FAQ can be reliably and easily updated in the future.

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Weekly Non-Covid News #1 (10/13/22)

This is the non-Covid part of what would previously have been the weekly Covid post. About half of the content written for the post this week is being withheld for topic-level future posts, both with longer time horizons (e.g. policy … Continue reading

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Covid 10/13/22: Just the Facts

As discussed last week, I am going to shift procedures a bit. From this point forward, the Covid posts themselves will only cover Covid-19 and related issues.

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Why Balsa Research is Worthwhile

Previously: Announcing Balsa Research It is easy to see why improving government policy would be impactful. The part where one has a chance of pulling it off requires explanation. Here are four fair questions.

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Covid 10/6/22: Overreactions Aplenty

Thanks to Balsa Research, every weekday I now get to meet and talk to someone new, usually multiple new people, all of whom are interesting, know things I don’t know that they are eager to explain to me, and who … Continue reading

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