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Game Analysis Index

This post links to this blog’s posts discussing game design, balance, economics and related topics, as well as any strategy posts. It does not contain new content. Much of the blog is relevant to gaming, but these are the explicitly … Continue reading

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Complexity Is Bad

Previously: Choices are Bad, Change Is Bad Meta Note: Early drafts were too complex. Complexity is Bad. I simplified. Mark Rosewater, head of design at Magic: The Gathering who I recently praised for writing down his process, has a podcast called Drive … Continue reading

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How to Destroy Civilization

Epistemic Status: Parable. Can’t tell to what extent I am being serious but it’s not zero. I. Recently I made a huge mistake. At heart, I am a gamer. Playing games is fun and makes me happy, whereas not playing … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem: The Problem of Scarcity and Abundance

Previously: Carpe Diem: The Optimization Game: Level 1 One of my goals with Carpe Diem was to illustrate the value of flexibility and optionality, and the surprisingly high cost of scarcity. A simple plan for playing the game is to … Continue reading

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Carpe Diem, the Optimization Game: Level 1

Leads To: Carpe Diem: The Problem of Scarcity and Abundance Less Wrong contributor owencb links us to a fourteen page paper of his that proposes optimizing your time via a three-resource model. You can find the full document here. Here’s his abstract, … Continue reading

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