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Covid 5/27: The Final Countdown

(Personal note: My Facebook account was hacked. Attacker has not contacted me, and deleted my name from the profile. Since I am already Against Facebook I do not view this as a great loss unless it leads to further trouble, … Continue reading

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Covid 5/20: The Great Unmasking

The CDC has lifted its mask mandate for vaccinated people. In one fell swoop, it is suddenly fine for anyone fully vaccinated to go maskless anywhere, without social distancing, at any time, so long as regulations and rules permit it. … Continue reading

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New Magic Post: The Pro Tour Was Magic

If this is relevant to your interests, you can read it at CoolStuffInc here.

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Covid 5/13: Moving On

For over a year, Covid-19 has been the central fact of life.  The goal now is to make that no longer true.  If you’re reading this, chances are very high you are vaccinated. If you’re not reading this, but you … Continue reading

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Covid 5/6: Vaccine Patent Suspension

The Biden administration’s latest strategy for the pandemic is to suspend the vaccine patents without compensation. Our life expectancies are lower than they were last week.

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