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Deck Guide: Biomancer’s Familiar

Biomancer’s Familiar is a great card. I wanted it to happen so bad. I spent a substantial portion of my preperations for Cleveland trying to make Biomancer’s Familiar happen. I tried two color versions. I tried three color versions. I … Continue reading

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Follow-up to: Blackmail [Note on Compass Rose response: This is not a response to the recent Compass Rose response, it was written before that, but with my post on Hacker News I need to get this out now. It has been edited in light of … Continue reading

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Speculations on Duo Standard

Epistemic Status: Wild Mass Guessing Next week’s invitational tournament at PAX East will feature the new Duo Standard format. Each player will have two decks, play one in each of the first two games in a random order, then choose … Continue reading

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New York Restaurants I Love: Pizza

Previously in series: New York Restaurants I Love: Breakfast Previously in pizza: Restaurant Guide 2: Pizza If you don’t live in and aren’t visiting New York, and want to know how to find good pizza, refer to the guide above. It tells … Continue reading

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On The London Mulligan

Original Announcement: Mythic Championship II Format and the London Test Previously (Patrick Sullivan at Star City Games): The London Mulligan: A Game Designer’s Perspective We’ve now had about a week to think about the London Mulligan rule. I’ve changed my mind … Continue reading

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