Game Analysis Index

This post links to this blog’s posts discussing game design, balance, economics and related topics, as well as any strategy posts. It does not contain new content.

Much of the blog is relevant to gaming, but these are the explicitly on-topic posts.

Eternal Sequence

Eternal, and Hearthstone Economy versus Magic Economy

The Eternal Grind

Eternal: The Exit Interview


Artifact / Card Rebalancing Sequence

Review: Artifact

Artifact Embraces Card Balance Changes

Card Collection and Ownership

Card Balance and Artifact

Card Rebalancing, Card Oversupply and Economic Considerations in Digital Card Games

Advantages of Card Rebalancing

Disadvantages of Card Rebalancing


Game Reviews (Including Those Listed Above)

All games reviewed are recommended, we don’t generally waste time on unworthy games.

Persona 5: Spoiler-Free Review

Review: Artifact

Review: Slay the Spire

Octopath Traveler: Spoiler-Free Review


Magic Strategy

Deck Guide: Burning Drakes


Content Use Note

All gaming content on this blog may be re-posted to any and all websites, if desired, as long as the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. Post must link back to original copy, and note to comment on original if response from author is desired.
  2. Post must clearly indicate who wrote it.
  3. Post must not be behind a paywall.

Otherwise, enjoy.

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