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If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

Pick one. There will be a quiz. ADT – Acausal Decision Theory. Figure out what other agents want and do it, even if you can’t talk to them and they might not exist, if and only if they would do … Continue reading

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Two Words That Offer Final Ultimate Proof That Medical System Is Evil

Music therapy. At the hospital, I have just learned, they offer Music Therapy. By music, I mean random folk singers with guitars. By therapy, I mean letting those folk singers sing, and play their guitars. And by offer, I mean … Continue reading

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Trolley Problems: Conveniently Inconvenient Worlds Considered

The basic trolley problem is under-specified. In the basic case (no one will ever know what you did or did not do, a transfer saves N people and dooms M other statistically identical people) I hold that the answer is … Continue reading

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