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Quotes from Moral Mazes

Reading and actually paying attention to Moral Mazes is hard. Writing carefully about it is even harder. I effectively spent several months forcing my way through the book, because it seemed important to do that. I then spent a month … Continue reading

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Laws of John Wick

Spoiler Alert: This spoils central plot points of John Wick, John Wick 2 and John Wick 3.  Should You See Those Movies: Yes. They’re awesome. Unless you do not like violence, especially gun violence, in which case they’re not for … Continue reading

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More Notes on Simple Rules

  Original Post by Robin: Simple Rules Previously: Simple Rules of Law Sarah Constantin on Twitter (if you are doomed to be on social media at all, you should follow her) offers a commentary thread of alternate explanations for the pattern pointed out in Robin’s … Continue reading

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Simple Rules of Law

Response To: Who Likes Simple Rules? Epistemic Status: Working through examples with varying degrees of confidence, to help us be concrete and eventually generalize. Robin Hanson has, in his words, “some puzzles” that I will be analyzing. I’ve added letters for … Continue reading

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Tales from the Highway

Epistemic Status: Concrete data on how something works with curiosity as to the gears behind the decisions, and a desire to record exactly what happened for posterity so we have detailed accurate records and perhaps an example of some things. … Continue reading

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Tales From the American Medical System

Epistemic Status: Overheard in New York I am walking and talking with my friend, a Type I Diabetic, when he receives a phone call from his doctor’s office. As a Type I Diabetic, my friend needs insulin. The effects of … Continue reading

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Dishonest Update Reporting

Related to: Asymmetric Justice, Privacy, Blackmail Previously (Paul Christiano): Epistemic Incentives and Sluggish Updating The starting context here is the problem of what Paul calls sluggish updating. Bob is asked to predict the probability of a recession this summer. He said 75% in January, … Continue reading

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