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The Twitter Files: Covid Edition

At long last, this week we got the Covid Edition of The Twitter Files. I focus here only on this edition, and not focusing on Musk or the Twitter Files more generally. Is there a there there? Seems like the … Continue reading

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Covid 12/29/22: Next Up is XBB.1.5

A massive waive of cases continues to hit China, as one would expect given last week. There is also a new variant, XBB.1.5, that is spreading rapidly starting in New York, so it’s time once again for our favorite game … Continue reading

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Housing and Transportation Roundup #2

Previously: #1 In my look back I concluded I want to be more focused and long-term oriented. Roundups by default are the opposite of that. This one was already in the pipeline (I have a rather large for-roundups draft to … Continue reading

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Looking Back on Posts From 2022

I am taking stock of my first year on Substack, and my first year with the resources necessary to focus on attempting to be a public intellectual of sorts.

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Covid 12/22/22: Reevaluating Past Options

This is the non-China section of this week’s update. Despite there being essentially zero good statistical data about the real situation in China, things are clearly moving fast, and I have assembled what useful information I have been able to … Continue reading

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China Covid #4

China has now decided to let Covid take its course, so it makes sense to spin developments there off into their own posts for a bit. It is hard to get a good read on what is happening, because China’s … Continue reading

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Marvel Snap: Phase 2

[NOTE: This is a pure gaming post, if you’re not into that please do skip it.] Previously: Marvel Snap Review: Phase 1 At the end of my Phase 1 review, I removed Marvel Snap from my phone. I am very … Continue reading

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Next Level Seinfeld

Thanks to Jordan Schneider gifting a last minute ticket for an amazing seat, serendipity led me to go to Friday night’s performance by Jerry Seinfeld at the Beacon Theater. If I had to describe the show in one word, I’d … Continue reading

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Covid 12/15/22: China’s Wave Begins

Cases increased this week, as expected. Deaths also increased, which I did not expect so soon, indicating a bigger and faster winter wave. That was not the big event in the West this week with respect to Covid. The big … Continue reading

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Key Mostly Outward-Facing Facts From the Story of VaccinateCA

I had the privilege of getting an advance draft of Patrick McKenzie’s very long story founding and running VaccinateCA, an organization dedicated to providing Americans information on where and how to get vaccinated against Covid-19. It is an amazing document. … Continue reading

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