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Covid 10/28: An Unexpected Victory

The story of this week is what went down at the port of Long Beach. The port had been brought to a standstill, because there was nowhere to put empty containers and trucks were sitting around with empty containers on … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Victory: Container Stacking at the Port of Long Beach

A miracle occurred this week. Everyone I have talked to about it, myself included, is shocked that it happened. It’s important to  Understand what happened. Make sure everyone knows it happened. Understand how and why it happened. Understand how we … Continue reading

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Covid 10/21: Rogan vs. Gupta

I finally got my booster shot yesterday. I intended to get it three weeks ago, but there was so much going on continuously that I ended up waiting until I could afford to be knocked out for a day in … Continue reading

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Covid 10/14: Less Long Covid

The pandemic has become predictable, which is the world we much prefer to live in. Cases and deaths continue their slow but steady declines, vaccine approvals for boosters and children continue to slowly move forward. Mandates continue to make people … Continue reading

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Covid 10/7: Steady as She Goes

For the second week in a row little has changed. The biggest news is that Merck has a new anti-viral pill that looks to be somewhat effective as a treatment. Otherwise, it should be a quick week. Which is good, … Continue reading

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