Don’t Worry About the Vase is a blog about topics that interest me and I consider worthy of more attention rather than less attention. Things that don’t deserve attention don’t get attention, even if something is wrong on the internet. Frequent topics include gaming, including Magic: The Gathering and Artifact, game design, game theory, rationality, immodesty, philosophy, economics and trading, life optimization and more.

The author, Zvi Mowshowitz is a member of the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame and has written extensively about the game and its strategies. He’s been heavily involved with rationality for a long time. He’s also been a professional trader and market maker, in both traditional and non-traditional markets, and was CEO of the personalized medical startup MetaMed.

Posts on this site are automatically also published at Less Wrong, where additional good comments are often found, but it is preferred when possible that you comment here. Comment engagement by the author will be much stronger here than in republished copies.

Posts on this site may be freely republished on other sites, provided such articles are not behind a paywall of any kind, authorship is clearly acknowledged and a link back to the original post is provided.

For the best past articles on this site that are not gaming related, see Best of Don’t Worry About the Vase. Intention is to update this periodically, but this hasn’t happened in a while. A game related version is owed at some point soon, as the focus shifts more into that space.

For my musings on sports, sports gambling, sports modeling and such that I’m looking to share, check out Aikido Sports.

15 Responses to About

  1. jeray2000 says:

    Hey you might want to put something here. Also a “Best of” list for new readers would be great if you’re willing to do that.

  2. poopei says:

    i hate it when people put an about us section. I also hate innocuous trolling. They’re both terrible and should be eradicated for the good of the androgynous mother/father land.

  3. jimb2 says:

    Where does the blog name come from? It made me think of the vase in the very old text game Adventure.

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  5. Wayne Chiang says:

    Hey Zvi, this is a long shot, but I’m trying to put together a Magic the Gathering poker game for Live at the Bike. Brian Kibler, Tom Martell and more are interested. If you were ever in LA and would be interested in an event like this for legacy(no pun intended) then hit me up at wayne@liveatthebike.com !

    Public call out!

    Wayne Chiang
    Live at the Bike Owner
    Starcraft Workd Champion
    2 MTG Pro Tours

  6. anaya says:

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  8. David M. Battan says:

    Hey, just wanted to drop a short note to say how tremendously valuable I find your work to be. I am a huge consumer of all sorts of media, too much really, but I find your summaries and analysis of various issues to be the best I come across. Bravo and thank you for doing this gratis. I would personally be bereft and I suspect many others would be, if we stopped getting your wisdom and keen eye on these important issues.

  9. Jim Buttons says:

    I was looking to sign up to the newsletter but failing badly at finding a link

    • TheZvi says:

      If you want a newsletter I suggest going to thezvi.substack.com and signing up there, I think their newsletter tech is better than WP.

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