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Free Money at PredictIt?

Previously on Prediction Markets (among others): Prediction Markets: When Do They Work?, Subsidizing Prediction Markets Epistemic Status: No huge new insights, but a little fun, a little free money, also Happy Petrov Day? Yesterday, with everything happening regarding impeachment, I decided to check … Continue reading

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Timer Toxicities

Follow-up to: Free-to-Play Games: Three Key Trade-Offs The central free-to-play mechanic is to ration action and resources via real world time. This leads to two of the three key trade offs. Players are prevented from having fun because they are time restricted, … Continue reading

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Free-to-Play Games: Three Key Trade-Offs

Most free-to-play games, especially mobile free-to-play games, use similar models to extract revenue and keep players coming back. These models work by creating toxic trade-offs that are central to their functioning. This post highlights the main three, and will act … Continue reading

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Who To Root For: 2019 College Football Edition

Epistemic Status: Unquestionably Accurate Football, like all sports, is better with someone to root for, and someone to root against. It’s us versus them. Ideally, it’s our house, because no one beats us in our house. That gives us a … Continue reading

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