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Seek Fair Expectations of Others’ Models

Epistemic Status: Especially about the future. Response To (Eliezer Yudkowsky): There’s No Fire Alarm for Artificial General Intelligence It’s long, but read the whole thing.  Eliezer makes classic Eliezer points in classic Eliezer style. Even if you mostly know this already, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the World

Epistemic Status: Good news, everyone! On October 5, 2017, my second son was born. Everyone say hello to the wonderful Gideon Mowshowitz: As you can imagine, it’s been quite a week. We are all doing well, and slowly recovering aside … Continue reading

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Beginners’ Meditation

I was about to meditate. There was a beginners’ meditation class three blocks away at the 14th Street Y. Seemed wrong to not check it out. Low risk, potential high reward. Non-zero story value. Might even learn something. It was … Continue reading

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The Fish-Head Monk

Epistemic Status: Parable By way of the comments on SlateStarCodex, from Essential Sufism: ‘There was a poor fisherman who was a Sufi teacher. He went fishing every day, and each day he would distribute his catch to the poor of … Continue reading

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Sabbath Commentary

Epistemic Status: Several months of experimentation, then talking from the hip Commentary On: Bring Back the Sabbath Required: Slack I have a lot of thoughts on the topic that don’t belong in the main presentation. I’m going to put them here … Continue reading

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Bring Back the Sabbath

Epistemic Status: Several months of experimentation Previously: Choices are Bad, Choices Are Really Bad, Complexity Is Bad, Play in Easy Mode, Play in Hard Mode, Out to Get You, Slack For More Thoughts After: Sabbath Commentary Alternate Take (Endorsed): Sabbath Hard and Go Home. Slack is … Continue reading

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Epistemic Status: Reference post. Strong beliefs strongly held after much thought, but hard to explain well. Intentionally abstract. Disambiguation: This does not refer to any physical good, app or piece of software. Further Research (book, recommended but not at all … Continue reading

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