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Does Big Business Hate Your Family?

Previously in Sequence: Moloch Hasn’t Won, Perfect Competition, Imperfect Competition The book Moral Mazes describes the world of managers in several large American corporations. They are placed in severely toxic situations. To succeed, they transform their entire selves into maximizers of what get … Continue reading

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Imperfect Competition

Previously in Sequence: Moloch Hasn’t Won, Perfect Competition This post looks at a few examples of imperfect competition to illustrate various ways in which perfect competition is kept at bay and value is preserved. Concrete examples seem more likely to … Continue reading

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Perfect Competition

Previously in Immoral Mazes sequence: Moloch Hasn’t Won Perfect Competition In Meditations on Moloch, Scott points out that perfect competition destroys all value beyond the axis of competition. Which, for any compactly defined axis of competition we know about, destroys … Continue reading

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Moloch Hasn’t Won

This post begins the Immoral Mazes sequence. See introduction for an overview of the plan. Before we get to the mazes, we need some background first. Meditations on Moloch Consider Scott Alexander’s Meditations on Moloch. I will summarize here.  Therein … Continue reading

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Meditation Retreat: Immoral Mazes Sequence Introduction

I just got home from a six day meditation retreat and began writing. The catch is that I arrived at the retreat yesterday.

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Vantress Gargoyle Dimir

Recently I decided to take Vantress Gargoyle Dimir seriously. While it remained legal, Veil of Summer rendered Dimir strategies unplayable. For one mana, green decks could and would stop anything you tried to do, from counters to discard to removal. … Continue reading

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Linkpost: Searching Along the Trail of Crumbs

My guide to all cards Cats in Standard is up at CoolStuffInc. You can check it out here. As with the Fires article, you can comment here and I will strive to answer any questions or respond to suggestions.

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