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On the Diplomacy AI

The latest AI development is: AI achieves human level in (blitz 5-minute-turn) full-communication anonymous online Diplomacy (paper). Why not? I mean, aside from the obvious.

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Covid 11/24/22: Thanks for Good Health

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I am once again back at full health. Covid comes and Covid goes. It was like I had a bad cold… for three days. That actually about sums it up, with some residual coughing. … Continue reading

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Simple Improvement to College Football Overtime Rules

For a long time I have thought that a simple tweak to the NCAAF overtime rules would fix several problems with no downsides. The Alabama-LSU game reinforced my impression of this by showing what we could have every time. PROPOSED: … Continue reading

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Covid 11/17/22: Slow Recovery

While the news has been fast and furious on many fronts, Covid is not one of them. Except that, this week, I got it. On Monday evening, I started having chills. They seem better during the day, worse at night, … Continue reading

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Sadly, FTX

It has been quite a past two weeks, with different spheres in deeply divided narratives. In addition to the liberation of Kherson City, the midterm elections that of course took forever to resolve and the ongoing hijinks of Elon Musk … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup #5

A note about what isn’t in this roundup: Nothing about the midterms or crypto/FTX. I wrote about Twitter earlier this week. The midterms are better covered elsewhere, I do not have anything unique to say about them. As for the … Continue reading

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Covid 11/10/22: Into the Background

There was a lot of news this week. Elon Musk continued to Do Things at Twitter. America had midterm elections. The polls were roughly accurate, with ‘candidate quality’ mattering more than expected especially on the Republican side. FTX imploded. For … Continue reading

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What’s the Deal with Elon Musk and Twitter?

At the end of long saga well-covered in hilarious fashion by Matt Levine, Elon Musk has purchased Twitter. He then began doing things.

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Weekly Roundup #4

Relatively light roundup this week, likely due to Elon Musk buying Twitter plus the incoming midterms sucking all the oxygen from everything else. I do have a Twitter/Musk post in progress tentatively scheduled for Monday.

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Covid 11/3/22: Asking Forgiveness

It was a quiet week on the Covid front. That is a very good thing. If anything, the theme of this week was looking backwards to how things were handled. The CDC is (at least half-heartedly) looking to fix things. … Continue reading

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