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Covid 5/26/22: I Guess I Should Respond To This Week’s Long Covid Study

I’ve always at least somewhat tried to model these posts after the pure joy of America’s only true newsletter, Matt Levine’s Money Stuff. This week I finally got around to listening to Matt do this amazing podcast about the philosophical … Continue reading

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Mandatory Post About Monkeypox

It’s 2022, so of course enough people are worried about an epidemic of Monkeypox that it feels like a necessary public service to do a post about Monkeypox. I didn’t get to it especially fast exactly because I am not … Continue reading

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Formula for a Shortage

Previous coverage (not required in any way): Formula For Dying Babies Great Formal Workups of Much of This (Scott Lincicome): America’s Infant Formula Crisis and the ‘Resiliency’ Mirage. And another from Derek Thompson at The Atlantic. If you want a … Continue reading

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Covid 5/19/22: The Law of Five

If you’re five, you now get a booster. If you’re four, you still get no vaccine at all (while we ‘wait for more data’) and you’re often forced to take precautions that might make sense for senior citizens. Because no … Continue reading

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Formula for Dying Babies

Note: This was posted originally on Thursday, May 12 as part of the weekly Covid post. It is being separated out into its own post for future reference, and in case some people are no longer reading Covid posts. There’s … Continue reading

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China Covid #3

China has once again explicitly recommitted to its goal of Zero Covid. Even the WHO has said this policy is unsustainable. China don’t care. Or rather, Xi doesn’t know and who is going to tell him? Premiere Li might be … Continue reading

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Covid 5/12/22: Other Priorities

There is zero funding for dealing even with the current pandemic, let alone preventing the next one. The FDA not only is in no hurry to approve a vaccine for children, the new highlight is its focus on creating a … Continue reading

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Repeal the Foreign Dredge Act of 1906

There are a lot of ludicrously terrible government laws, regulations and policies across all the domains of life. My Covid posts have covered quite a lot of them. Yet if I had to pick one policy that was the Platonic … Continue reading

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Covid 5/5/22: A Lack of Care

China cares a lot about preventing Covid. I haven’t written an additional China post because my sources have not turned up much additional information, and the situation does not seem to have dramatically changed, so I’m waiting until situation warrants … Continue reading

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