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Out to Get You

Epistemic Status: Reference. Expanded From: Against Facebook, as the post originally intended. Some things are fundamentally Out to Get You.  They seek resources at your expense. Fees are hidden. Extra options are foisted upon you. Things are made intentionally worse, forcing … Continue reading

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Choices are Bad

Epistemic Status: Spent way too long deciding what to put here Kind of a Follow-Up to: Change is Bad Will Hopefully Lead To, But No Promises: Some combination of, when and if I write them: Complexity is Bad, Choices Are … Continue reading

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Book Review: Weapons of Math Destruction

Epistemic Status: Minus One Million Points Shortness Status: Long (this is a proposed new norm I want to try out, in the sense of ‘apologies for writing a long letter, I did not have enough time to write a shorter … Continue reading

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Against Facebook: Comparison to Alternatives and Call to Action

Previously: Against Facebook: Details Take Action: Help Us Find Your Blog (and others) Epistemic Status: Shouting from the rooftops. For further details, see previous post. This post is my recommendations for how to communicate online. If you need details and/or detailed … Continue reading

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Against Facebook

Leads to: Against Facebook: Comparison to Alternatives and Call to Action, Help Us Find Your Blog (and others) Note: WordPress seems to be eating line breaks. I hope I have them all fixed at this point. Epistemic Status: Eliezer Yudkowsky writing the … Continue reading

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United We Blame

Blame Index Funds: Overbooking and Cross Selling (first story) Blame The Law: The Deeper Scandal of That Brutal United Video Blame The Culture of Law Enforcement in Aviation:The Real Reason a Man Was Dragged Off That United Flight and How To Stop … Continue reading

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Escalator Action

Epistemic Status: Slow ride. Take it easy. You Memba Elevator Action? I memba. A recent study (link is to NY Times) came out saying that we should not walk on escalators, because not walking is faster. From the article: The train … Continue reading

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