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Choices are Bad

Epistemic Status: Spent way too long deciding what to put here Kind of a Follow-Up to: Change is Bad Will Hopefully Lead To, But No Promises: Some combination of, when and if I write them: Complexity is Bad, Choices Are … Continue reading

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Book Review: Weapons of Math Destruction

Epistemic Status: Minus One Million Points Shortness Status: Long (this is a proposed new norm I want to try out, in the sense of ‘apologies for writing a long letter, I did not have enough time to write a shorter … Continue reading

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Against Facebook: Comparison to Alternatives and Call to Action

Previously: Against Facebook: Details Take Action: Help Us Find Your Blog (and others) Epistemic Status: Shouting from the rooftops. For further details, see previous post. This post is my recommendations for how to communicate online. If you need details and/or detailed … Continue reading

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Against Facebook

Leads to: Against Facebook: Comparison to Alternatives and Call to Action, Help Us Find Your Blog (and others) Note: WordPress seems to be eating line breaks. I hope I have them all fixed at this point. Epistemic Status: Eliezer Yudkowsky writing the … Continue reading

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United We Blame

Blame Index Funds: Overbooking and Cross Selling (first story) Blame The Law: The Deeper Scandal of That Brutal United Video Blame The Culture of Law Enforcement in Aviation:The Real Reason a Man Was Dragged Off That United Flight and How To Stop … Continue reading

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Escalator Action

Epistemic Status: Slow ride. Take it easy. You Memba Elevator Action? I memba. A recent study (link is to NY Times) came out saying that we should not walk on escalators, because not walking is faster. From the article: The train … Continue reading

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Avoiding Emotional Dominance Spirals

Follow Up to: Dominance, care, and social touch One thing Ben said in his latest post especially resonated with me, and I wanted to offer some expanded thoughts on it: Sometimes, when I feel let down because someone close to me … Continue reading

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