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Complexity Is Bad

Previously: Choices are Bad, Change Is Bad Meta Note: Early drafts were too complex. Complexity is Bad. I simplified. Mark Rosewater, head of design at Magic: The Gathering who I recently praised for writing down his process, has a podcast called Drive … Continue reading

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Write Down Your Process

Previously: Help Us Find Your Blog (and others) Mark Rosewater is the lead designer of the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. This means he is part of Magic’s R&D department, one of the world’s few pockets of cooperation, sanity and … Continue reading

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Choices are Bad

Epistemic Status: Spent way too long deciding what to put here Kind of a Follow-Up to: Change is Bad Will Hopefully Lead To, But No Promises: Some combination of, when and if I write them: Complexity is Bad, Choices Are … Continue reading

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Change Is Bad

Epistemic Status: Public service reminder (I want to be able to link to this in the future) Leads to: Choices are Bad, Choices Are Really Bad, Complexity Is Bad Almost all changes are bad. People forget that. They say they want change. They … Continue reading

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On the Seattle Minimum Wage Study (part 2)

Previously: On the Seattle Minimum Wage Study (part 1) Epistemic Status: If My Calculation Are Correct…   Some links: Link to Paper: Original Working Paper National Review: Critics Have Study Wrong Forbes: Both Sides Might Be Right Washington Post: $15 Minimum Wage Might Not Help Workers … Continue reading

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On the Seattle Minimum Wage Study (part 1)

Epistemic Status (written before I looked at the paper): This new paper confirms all of my priors. Leads to: On the Seattle Minimum Wage Study (Part 2) (Which is no longer the epistemic status because things started looking weird, but … Continue reading

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