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Covid 8/26: Full Vaccine Approval

Great news, everyone. The Pfizer vaccine has been approved. Woo-hoo! It will be marketed under the name Comirnaty. Doh!  (Do we all come together to form one big comirnaty? Or should you be worried about the comirnaties of getting vaccinated, … Continue reading

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Covid 8/19: Cracking the Booster

The news about Covid-19 is now essentially on a few distinct tracks: Vaccine effectiveness and booster shots, vaccination mandates, mandates for NPIs and other Covid-19 related crippling of the living of life, and the actual path of the pandemic. One … Continue reading

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Covid 8/12: The Worst Is Over

Good news, everyone! Andrew Cuomo has resigned, and Andrew Cuomo is the worst.  I will damn well take it, because it’s not like he doesn’t also deserve to resign in disgrace for the stuff that officially got him, and again, … Continue reading

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Covid 8/5: Much Ado About Nothing

Getting into the weeds on the CDC’s new guidance and scaremongering, and the study they cited as justifications, caused this week’s post to get rather long. That was necessary, but if you don’t need the details, by all means skip … Continue reading

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