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Covid 9/29/22: The Jones Act Waver

The pandemic is over. Long live the Public Health Emergency. HHS is set to extend the Covid-19 public health emergency by its standing deadline of Oct. 13.  If renewed on the deadline of Oct. 13, the next deadline would be … Continue reading

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Announcing Balsa Research

What are the most important policy changes America should make and how can we make them happen? If we do not address the deep dysfunctions of our government and its policies, we put our democracy and entire civilization at risk. … Continue reading

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Covid 9/22/22: The Joe Biden Sings

Joe Biden firmly declared on 60 Minutes that the Covid pandemic is over.

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Ukraine Post #12

After doing frequent Ukraine posts early on, I decided that the war was no long a good match for this blog and my skill set. The basic situation was clear and was moving slowly. In the last few weeks things … Continue reading

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Twitter Polls: Evidence is Evidence

Follow-up to: Law of No Evidence Recently, there was some debate about a few Twitter polls, which led into a dispute over the usefulness of Twitter polls in general and how to deal with biased and potentially misleading evidence.

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Covid 9/15/22: Permanent Normal

I may or may not have had Covid about two weeks ago. At the time, I knew I had come down with something. I largely lost my voice and spent about a week carefully conserving what remained. I spent over … Continue reading

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Covid 9/8/22: Booster Boosting

Does it make sense to get the new updated booster? I give my (Not Medical Advice!) definitive take on how I would personally make the decision, and report the opinions of a number of other sources. Unless something changes, this … Continue reading

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Covid 9/1/22: Meet the New Booster

We will soon have a new, updated booster shot only eight or so months behind schedule. Given only 30% of America is boosted even once, not many people will accept this kind and generous (if rather late) offer. It won’t … Continue reading

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