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Avoiding Emotional Dominance Spirals

Follow Up to: Dominance, care, and social touch One thing Ben said in his latest post especially resonated with me, and I wanted to offer some expanded thoughts on it: Sometimes, when I feel let down because someone close to me … Continue reading

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If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

Pick one. There will be a quiz. ADT – Acausal Decision Theory. Figure out what other agents want and do it, even if you can’t talk to them and they might not exist, if and only if they would do … Continue reading

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Meditations on Mexico City

As I begin writing this, I am on a flight back from Mexico City to New York (I finished the next morning back in the city). It has been a good one-week trip. Most of the time outside of the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Eisenhorn Trilogy

Spoiler Status: Very mild spoilers before the fold, full spoilers after the fold I read the Eisenhorn Trilogy on the recommendation of my friend Raymond Arnold, who bought me the first book as a birthday present, presenting it as worth … Continue reading

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On Automoderation

Follow Up to: Trio Walks, Duo Talks Response to: Automoderation (Ferocious Truth) Hat Tip: Automoderation (Agenty Duck) In my post Trio Walks, Duo Talks I laid out the thesis that the key to a high-quality discussion with more than two participants … Continue reading

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Restaurant Guide 2: Pizza

Continuation From: Restaurant Guide 1 Epistemic Status: Hungry Pizza is a special case that is worthy of its own attention, so this section will do that. There isn’t as much of a boarder thesis here, and the judgments are more … Continue reading

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Trio Walks, Duo Talks

Epistemic Status: Exploration Related: The Engineer and the Diplomat Having a great conversation is hard, but valuable. The structure a conversation is built around determines how it will go. How should we engineer more valuable conversations? At the retreat, it was … Continue reading

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Restaurant Guide 1: Restaurants should not look like (most) restaurants

Epistemic Status: Full Power Related: Surgeons Should Not Look Like Surgeons, An Economist Gets Lunch Follow-Up: Restaurant Guide 2: Pizza Conceptually Related More Than You Might Think: Short-Termism I have spent a lot of time optimizing restaurant choice, and what to do when … Continue reading

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Short Termism

Epistemic Status: Metrics look good Original Post: Larry Summers: Case Still Out On Whether Short-Termism is a Problem There is a long-standing hypothesis that corporate America focuses too much on short-term results. Larry Summers looks at a new study by McKinsey (McKinsey’s … Continue reading

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