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You Play to Win the Game

Previously (Putanumonit): Player of Games Original Words of Wisdom: Quite right, sir. Quite right. By far the most important house rule I have for playing games is exactly that: You Play to Win the Game. That doesn’t mean you always have to … Continue reading

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Unknown Knowns

Previously (Marginal Revolution): Gambling Can Save Science A study was done to attempt to replicate 21 studies published in Science and Nature.  Beforehand, prediction markets were used to see which studies would be predicted to replicate with what probability. The results were as … Continue reading

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Chris Pikula Belongs in the Magic Hall of Fame

Epistemic Status: Fixing old mistakes, appreciating great old deeds. (Note to those who do not play Magic: While this is nominally about Magic, I find these points to be of general interest, and wrote the post with that in mind.) … Continue reading

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Subsidizing Prediction Markets

Epistemic Status: Sadly Not Yet Subsidized Robin Hanson linked to my previous post on prediction markets with the following note: .@TheZvi reviews what one needs for a working prediction market FUNDED BY TRADERS. If someone else will sponsor/subsidize them, a … Continue reading

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Tidying One’s Room

Previously (Compass Rose): Culture, Interpretive Labor, and Tidying One’s Room Epistemic Status: A bit messy “She’s tidied up and I can’t find anything! All my tubes and wires, careful notes!” – Thomas Dolby, She Blinded Me With Science From Compass Rose: Why would tidying my … Continue reading

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