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Grand Theft Education

A story, in three parts. First, what they’ve done going backwards, and what it lays the rhetorical groundwork to do in the future to help make things worse. Second, what they’re doing going forwards to actively make things worse. Third, … Continue reading

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Covid 8/25/22: What We Owe

A lot of people owe a lot of things. Some of those debts get forgiven, or placed upon others. Other times, new debts and obligations are introduced whether we like it or not. There was a bunch of both going … Continue reading

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On Car Seats as Contraception

(Note: This post takes the perspective of strongly preferring higher American fertility to lower American fertility on anything close to current margins. I endorse this view and consider it very overdetermined, but this post does not defend or justify it.) … Continue reading

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Covid 8/18/22: CDC Admits Mistakes

Two Covid-related things happened this week that I did not expect. The CDC admitted that it had failed us during the pandemic, withdrew at long last many of its remaining recommendations and promised reforms to be less academic and otherwise … Continue reading

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Spoiler-Free Review: Across the Obelisk

Life requires time for a good game now and then. Across the Obelisk is a roguelike deckbuilder where a party of four adventurers goes on a quest. It is Slay the Spire meets Dungeons and Dragons. I played Across the … Continue reading

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And the Revenues Are So Small

The ‘Inflation Reduction Act’ includes a corporate minimum tax provision. The top 150 American corporations have to pay a minimum percentage of book profits as tax. The whole thing has strange implications, with Marginal Revolution offering several claims that this … Continue reading

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Covid 8/11/22: The End Is Never The End

On Tuesday morning as I was grabbing croissants, the man in front of me turned around and told me to back away. ‘Because of the pandemic.’ He was the only one in the bakery wearing a mask, yet in every … Continue reading

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Covid 8/4/22: Rebound

I’ll be at Future Forum over the weekend. If you’re here, come and say hello. I don’t plan on scheduling a lot of meetings because I hate scheduling, but talking to people is the plan. I have a few people … Continue reading

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