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Against Facebook: The Stalking

Epistemic Status: Nothing we didn’t basically already know, but felt obligated to share Previously: Against Facebook, Against Facebook: Comparison to Alternatives and Call to Action Also Previously But Fully Optional: Help Us Find Your Blog (and others), How to Destroy Civilization I knew … Continue reading

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Best of Don’t Worry About the Vase

Epistemic Status: Welcome everyone! In honor of being linked to by Marginal Revolution, here is what the rest of this blog has to offer. This blog is part of the rationalist community. The general interest links below are fully general … Continue reading

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Expanding Premium Mediocrity

Epistemic Status: Skippable. This is (much of) what I think Rao is trying to say in the second section of his post, the part about Maya but before Molly and Max, translated into DWATV-speak. Proceed if and only if you … Continue reading

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Exploring Premium Mediocrity

Epistemic Status: Mediocre Premium Response To (Rao / Ribbonfarm) : The Premium Mediocre Life of Maya Millenial Builds Upon (not required): Play in Easy Mode, Play in Hard Mode Leads To: Expanding Premium Mediocrity Good Other Commentary (Jacob / Put a Num On … Continue reading

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