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Covid 3/25: Own Goals

AstraZeneca has made quite the mess of things. First they screwed up their initial studies in ways that kind of boggle the mind. Then, with the studies designed to repair trust, fix the problem and allow approval, they report incomplete … Continue reading

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Covid 3/18: An Expected Quantity of Blood Clots

This week’s Covid news was that most of Europe suspended administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine over reports of blood clots. This was ludicrously stupid several times over. There was always going to be something that happened to correlate with vaccination … Continue reading

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Return to New York City

This past week, I had my first opportunity in a year to visit New York City, to get my vaccine shot, to look at potential apartments and also to finally visit the city. This is my report of the trip.

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Covid 3/12: New CDC Guidelines Available

This post is a day late although not all that short, as I warned it might be. This is because I have spent the last week visiting the best place on Earth, my true home, which is New York City. … Continue reading

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Covid 3/4: Declare Victory and Leave Home

Health officials look on in horror as individuals both vaccinated and unvaccinated, and state and local governments, realize life exists and people can choose to live it.  This is exactly what I was worried about back in December when I … Continue reading

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