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Magic Arena Bot Drafting

Epistemic Status: Attempting to be useful and to learn via exploration. Real proposals. Content assumes familiarity with Magic: The Gathering booster drafting, but does not much depend on a knowledge of deep Magic strategy, so it holds potential interest for … Continue reading

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Press Your Luck

Epistemic Status: Oh, we’re doing this. Press Your Luck is back! Press Your Luck is back! Wednesday Nights on ABC! Woo-hoo!

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Some Ways Coordination is Hard

Response to (Raymond Arnold at Less Wrong): The Schilling Choice is Rabbit, Not Stag and by implication Duncan’s Open Problems in Group Rationality Stag Hunt is the game whereby if everyone gets together, they can hunt the Stag and win big. Those who … Continue reading

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Moral Mazes and Short Termism

Previously: Short Termism and Quotes from Moral Mazes Epistemic Status: Long term My list of quotes from moral mazes has a section of twenty devoted to short term thinking. It fits with, and gives internal gears and color to, my previous understanding of … Continue reading

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