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The Third Circle

Previously: The First Circle, The Second Circle Epistemic Status: Having one’s fill The third circle took place at Luna Labs. After the second circle, the decision was made to bring in a professional. The New York rationalist group, together with several others in … Continue reading

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The Second Circle

Previously: The First Circle Epistemic Status: One additional level down The second Circle was at Solarium in New York City. Jacob, of the New York rationalist group, and had been getting into Circling, and decided to lead us in one to … Continue reading

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The First Circle

Epistemic Status: Squared The following took place at an unconference about AGI in February 2017, under Chatham House rules, so I won’t be using any identifiers for the people involved. Something that mattered was happening. I had just arrived in … Continue reading

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The Sheepskin Effect

Previously: The Case Against Education, The Case Against Education: Foundations, The Case Against Education: Splitting the Education Premium Pie and Considering IQ Epistemic Status: The spirit of Local Validity as a Key to Sanity and Civilization The sheepskin effect is that completing the … Continue reading

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