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Linkpost: M21 Review: We Have Normality

You can find it here.

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Linkpost: A Comprehensive Review of Ikoria, Lair of Behemoths

If Magic: The Gathering is relevant to your interests, enjoy it at CoolStuffInc.

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Game Analysis Index

This post links to this blog’s posts discussing game design, balance, economics and related topics, as well as any strategy posts. It does not contain new content. Much of the blog is relevant to gaming, but these are the explicitly … Continue reading

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Complexity Is Bad

Previously: Choices are Bad, Change Is Bad Meta Note: Early drafts were too complex. Complexity is Bad. I simplified. Mark Rosewater, head of design at Magic: The Gathering who I recently praised for writing down his process, has a podcast called Drive … Continue reading

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Write Down Your Process

Previously: Help Us Find Your Blog (and others) Mark Rosewater is the lead designer of the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering. This means he is part of Magic’s R&D department, one of the world’s few pockets of cooperation, sanity and … Continue reading

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Wizards Implements Ochlocracy

Today, a player who recently made the Top 8 at a Grand Prix was banned for life from tournament Magic: The Gathering. His account on Magic Online was seized, and he will be given a check for what Wizards thinks … Continue reading

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Team New York City

I have decided that I will not be working with Channel-Fireball: The Pantheon for Pro Tour: Magic Origins. The logistics involved in going to a team house for a week, and leaving my family for a week and a half, … Continue reading

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Magic Articles I’ve Written

Update 4/23/2017: I now write for Channel-Fireball. This is a link to my author page. Posts in the Amonkhet and Kaladesh eras through 4/23/2017: Decks: Mardu Planeswalkers Red Drake Empty Hand of the Gods Set Preview: Amonkhet’s Overlooked Cyclers Analysis: … Continue reading

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