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Against Facebook: Comparison to Alternatives and Call to Action

Previously: Against Facebook: Details Take Action: Help Us Find Your Blog (and others) Epistemic Status: Shouting from the rooftops. For further details, see previous post. This post is my recommendations for how to communicate online. If you need details and/or detailed … Continue reading

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Restaurant Guide 2: Pizza

Continuation From: Restaurant Guide 1 Epistemic Status: Hungry Pizza is a special case that is worthy of its own attention, so this section will do that. There isn’t as much of a boarder thesis here, and the judgments are more … Continue reading

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Trio Walks, Duo Talks

Epistemic Status: Exploration Related: The Engineer and the Diplomat Having a great conversation is hard, but valuable. The structure a conversation is built around determines how it will go. How should we engineer more valuable conversations? At the retreat, it was … Continue reading

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Restaurant Guide 1: Restaurants should not look like (most) restaurants

Epistemic Status: Full Power Related: Surgeons Should Not Look Like Surgeons, An Economist Gets Lunch Conceptually Related More Than You Might Think: Short-Termism I have spent a lot of time optimizing restaurant choice, and what to do when you get there. A … Continue reading

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