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Covid 6/30/22: Vaccine Update Update

This week’s news is that the FDA advisory committee voted overwhelmingly to update the vaccine for Omicron, after a delay of only six months, which means they’ll get to deciding which way it should be updated Real Soon Now and … Continue reading

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Game Review: This Merchant Life

In a previous life, I used to be a professional game player. I still am hard at work on a new tradable blockchain card game, Emergents, now in closed (but soon to be more open) beta, and I still love … Continue reading

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Air Conditioner Repair

A thing happened to me, seemed worth sharing.

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Covid 6/23/22: Under Five Alive

America has now approved the Covid vaccine for children as young as six months old. Should you vaccinate your very young child? Yes, I believe that you should. I don’t think you absolutely have to do that. Children that young … Continue reading

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Announcing the DWATV Discord

I have decided this blog should at least experiment with having a discord server, so I made one. I kept it simple. There’s a few channels for the things the blog tends to be interested in – games, rationality, Covid … Continue reading

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Covid 6/16/22: Do Not Hand it to Them

You (finally!) no longer need to hand anyone a negative test in order to travel internationally. You also most definitely do not have to hand it to the FDA for their work solving the bottlenecks they created. Paxlovid remains something … Continue reading

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Against Active Shooter Drills

Epistemic Status: You really, really should know this already. Reference post. We have a $2.7 billion industry devoted to causing traumatizing children. They refer to it as ‘active shooter drill training.’

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On A List of Lethalities

Response to (Eliezer Yudkowsky): A List of Lethalities. Author’s Note: I do not work in AI Safety, lack technical domain knowledge and in many ways am going to be wrong. I wasn’t going to write this to avoid potentially wasting … Continue reading

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Covid 6/9/22: Nice

Things seem to have peaked in the Northeast once again. Nice. Things are getting worse in the South as the summer hits. Not as nice, not that unexpected. At this point we can pattern match. You know what else is … Continue reading

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Transcript of a Twitter Discussion on EA from June 2022

Recently on Twitter, in response to seeing a contest announcement asking for criticism of EA, I offered some criticism of that contest’s announcement. That sparked a bunch of discussion about central concepts in Effective Altruism. Those discussions ended up including … Continue reading

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