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Spoiler-Free Review: Death and Taxes

Death and Taxes is a short Tier 3 game, meaning it is a Good game but not universally Worth It or a Must Play. It is a series of discrete choices and has some interesting questions to ask, and I … Continue reading

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Covid 8/27: The Fall of the CDC

Most weeks, the disaster that was the head of the FDA not having any understanding of statistics and not making any attempt to think about the world would have been the headline. Then the CDC decided to revise its guidelines … Continue reading

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I Started a Sports and Gambling Substack

The substack is here. The latest post is here and contains predictions for tomorrow’s baseball games. I also posted predictions for yesterday’s games here, and here you can find my offensive team ratings. Pitcher ratings will be posted soon. I … Continue reading

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Covid 8/20: A Little Progress

(Writer’s note: Due to the utter trainwreck that is WordPress’ new editor, this week’s post was written in Google Docs and then cut and pasted into WordPress. This is an excellent example of the principle that any given thing is … Continue reading

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WordPress Destroys Editing Process, Seeking Alternatives

WordPress had an editor that worked. They have forcibly replaced it with an editor that doesn’t. There does not seem to be a free way to switch back. Please, if anyone knows a good alternative hosting service, especially one that … Continue reading

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Covid 8/13: Same As It Ever Was

Last time: Covid 8/6: The Case of the Missing Data I got the opportunity during this past week to work with a state official to try and solve the case of the missing data. It felt great to have the help … Continue reading

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Covid 8/6: The Case of the Missing Data

Last time: Covid 7/30: Whack a Mole Testing. One could sum up the entire failure on Covid-19 as a failure of testing. We have failed to test individuals. We have failed to ramp up testing capacity fast enough. We have failed … Continue reading

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Unifying the Simulacra Definitions

Epistemic Status: Confident this is the perspective I find most useful. This is intended to both be a stand-alone post and to be the second post in the Simulacra sequence, with the first being Simulacra Levels and their Interactions. It … Continue reading

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