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Covid 4/29: Vaccination Slowdown

Compared to expectations, excluding inevitable self-inflicted cratering of our vaccination rate, this was mostly a best realistic case scenario week. Johnson & Johnson was unpaused. India’s rate of case increases probably slowed down (they’re maxed out on testing capacity so … Continue reading

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Scott Alexander 2021 Predictions: Buy/Sell/Hold

Scott Alexander is out with his (late) 2021 predictions. You know what that means. It’s time to find things to disagree with!

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Spoiler-Free Reviews: Monster Slayers, Dream Quest and Loop Hero

Recently my love of card-based roguelikes caused me to check out these two games.

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Covid 4/22: Crisis in India

The United States appears to have turned the corner. Despite our determination to sabotage vaccination efforts, they have taken only minor damage, and we are starting to see declines again in the number of cases. Unless a new strain more … Continue reading

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Covid 4/15: Are We Seriously Doing This Again

Yes we are. It can happen here. 

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Covid 4/9: Another Vaccine Passport Objection

I’ve been travelling to New York City once again, and it’s been a busy week, including putting in bids on multiple different apartments. Developments are ongoing, so I’ve been even busier than usual and it’s likely some stuff has slipped … Continue reading

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Covid 4/1: Vaccine Passports

Writer’s Note: This is being posted on April 1, which is April Fools Day. To avoid all ‘is this the fake out?’ issues, this post does not contain any April Fools material. The fools contained herein are the usual, regularly … Continue reading

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