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Epistemic Status: Surprisingly controversial Follow-Up / Leads to: Privacy Response to: Why Blackmail Should Be Illegal (Marginal Revolution), Should Blackmail Be Legal? (David Henderson), Checkmate on Blackmail (Robin Hanson) I notice I am confused. Smart people are failing to provide strong arguments for why blackmail should be … Continue reading

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New York Restaurants I Love: Breakfast

Previously (and more generally useful): Restaurant Guide 1: Restaurants should not look like (most) restaurants, Restaurant Guide 2: Pizza Also: Minimize Use of Standard Internet Food Delivery I don’t want to lose sight of the bigger issues pointed at last time. But for … Continue reading

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Minimize Use of Standard Internet Food Delivery

Epistemic Status: Public service announcement. Confident and not sponsored. [EDIT Added 2/11: The comments (at DWATV) provide a lot of reasonable challenges and a lot of additional reasoning behind my statements, and start to get at the larger things in … Continue reading

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