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The Case Against Education: Splitting the Education Premium Pie and Considering IQ

Previously: The Case Against Education: Foundations, The Case Against Education VI Bryan Caplan makes several cases against education. His primary case revolves around the question of where the education premium comes from – no one doubts that the better educated make more … Continue reading

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Inefficient Doesn’t Mean Indifferent

Many people, including Bryan Caplan and Robin Hanson, use the following form of argument a lot. It could be considered the central principle of the (excellent) The Elephant in the Brain. It goes something like: People say they want X, … Continue reading

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The Case Against Education: Foundations

An Introduction: The Case Against Education We’ll now focus more on the book and its data, reasoning and arguments, and related questions. There’s a lot to address, starting with the foundations of Bryan’s analysis. Rather than write one novella-long post, … Continue reading

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The Case Against Education

Previously: Something Was Wrong, Book Review: The Elephant in the Brain Previously (Compass Rose): The Order of the Soul Epistemic Status: No, seriously. Also literally. They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom for trying to change the system from within I’m coming … Continue reading

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