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Help Us Find Your Blog (and others)

Previously: Against Facebook – Call to Action, Against Facebook – Details Note (5/2): Due to my need to prepare for Magic: The Gathering’s Pro Tour: Amonkhet, updates to this blog and progress exploring new blogs will be slow for the … Continue reading

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Against Facebook: Comparison to Alternatives and Call to Action

Previously: Against Facebook: Details Take Action: Help Us Find Your Blog (and others) Epistemic Status: Shouting from the rooftops. For further details, see previous post. This post is my recommendations for how to communicate online. If you need details and/or detailed … Continue reading

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Avoiding Emotional Dominance Spirals

Follow Up to: Dominance, care, and social touch One thing Ben said in his latest post especially resonated with me, and I wanted to offer some expanded thoughts on it: Sometimes, when I feel let down because someone close to me … Continue reading

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On Automoderation

Follow Up to: Trio Walks, Duo Talks Response to: Automoderation (Ferocious Truth) Hat Tip: Automoderation (Agenty Duck) In my post Trio Walks, Duo Talks I laid out the thesis that the key to a high-quality discussion with more than two participants … Continue reading

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Trio Walks, Duo Talks

Epistemic Status: Exploration Related: The Engineer and the Diplomat Having a great conversation is hard, but valuable. The structure a conversation is built around determines how it will go. How should we engineer more valuable conversations? At the retreat, it was … Continue reading

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What is stupid?

In a post that I mostly agreed with, but am also mostly not that interested in, Scott Sumner concludes with the following note: But I also understand that the part of my brain that tells me that the conventional narrative … Continue reading

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