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Against Facebook

Leads to:¬†Against Facebook: Comparison to Alternatives and Call to Action,¬†Help Us Find Your Blog (and others) Epistemic Status: Eliezer Yudkowsky writing the sequences. They sentenced me to twenty years of boredom. Galileo. This army. Chris Christie to Marco Rubio at … Continue reading

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Metrics in Everything: “Human Lives”

Epistemic Status: Ranting with the fire of a thousand suns I was on page 48 of the (so far) otherwise interesting and enjoyable Algorithms to Live By, a birthday gift from my friend Jacob who writes the blog Put a … Continue reading

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Wizards Implements Ochlocracy

Today, a player who recently made the Top 8 at a Grand Prix was banned for life from tournament Magic: The Gathering. His account on Magic Online was seized, and he will be given a check for what Wizards thinks … Continue reading

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Two Words That Offer Final Ultimate Proof That Medical System Is Evil

Music therapy. At the hospital, I have just learned, they offer Music Therapy. By music, I mean random folk singers with guitars. By therapy, I mean letting those folk singers sing, and play their guitars. And by offer, I mean … Continue reading

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