Linkpost: My Fires Part 8 (Deck Guide to Jeskai Cavaliers) posted at

You can find it here.

Happy to respond to comments there or on my personal blog. I’m hoping this is the beginning of a great relationship with them. They’ve been my go-to for board games for a while.

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5 Responses to Linkpost: My Fires Part 8 (Deck Guide to Jeskai Cavaliers) posted at

  1. Highly Trained Neural Network says:

    In complete agreement with you that both the Fae of Wishes and the Superfriends version of this list are significantly worse than the cavalier build, especially as fires decks ticks up in metagame share and more people start running tech, such as Duress and brontodon, to take out fires. However, I am not convinced that the build you have here is the best possible one and think a solid argument can be made for a variant with no card selection, specifically no sphinx, Drawn from Dreams, and Shimmer of Possibility, more lands, and more cheap, under four CMC, things to do without fires on the board, specifically Brazen Borrower. It just feels like casting a spell that doesn’t directly impact the board is not something you are really interested in doing. To paraphrase Jeff Pyka, the individual who to the best of my understanding really popularized this deck, “Filtering accelerates your game-plan, while interaction slows down their plan, and between the two of these interaction is usually better”. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I’m also curious about some particular card choices you made. Have you given any though to running some Tithe Takers in your sideboard, what motivated you to cut a fourth Cavalier of Gales, and what are your thoughts on running time wipe over Realm-Cloaked Giant?

    • TheZvi says:

      I think for the dig vs. interaction question, I’m firmly on the dig side because the deck is so much better when it has Fires, or when it has Clarion when it needs it, than when it doesn’t, so the best thing you can do when you don’t have it is dig (and if you do have it, digging for the rest of the combo is good enough). Article explains how I feel about that. But it’s gone in and out of fashion to play Shimmer.

      I ran Tithe Taker at the PT. I think it’s good at doing 2 things: vs. control you get a good drop, and vs. pure aggro you get two blockers. But I don’t feel the need to find more good things in matchups now because Sphinx.

      Time Wipe over Giant is because I hate missing Bonecrusher, and because I find the 5WW option doesn’t matter much, whereas the bounce option is great.

      Cut the 4th Cavalier to get Kenrith because of curve concerns.

  2. efwee says:

    Has the link been removed from I can’t find it anymore there. Is there any chance that you could put it online again or email me the text? It was really useful for me while learning to play the deck.

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