Zvi Will Be In San Francisco January 15-21

Happy New Year, everyone!

I will be taking a week’s vacation (without the family) in San Francisco this month, flying in on January 15 and leaving on January 21. Some of that time will be used to get fresh air, relax and refresh, but the main goal is to connect with as many friends as possible, new and old, and catch up on all that is happening. I come seeking knowledge, friendship and advice, perhaps opportunity, and offering all of them in return.

Great things are afoot. Other great things should be.

I don’t know exactly where I will be staying yet, but I anticipate spending most nights in Berkeley.

If you would like to get together during my visit, let me know! Email is best (it’s the***@gmail.com, where *** is my first name) is always best if you want to contact me privately. If you’d like to do a public thing, the comments here are open.





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3 Responses to Zvi Will Be In San Francisco January 15-21

  1. kpm says:

    I’m a Zvi fan, but I feel like too much of a rando to hit up Zvi one-on-one. I would come to a public Zvi occurrence anywhere in Oakland or Berkeley, if it were after 7 p.m., before 9:30 a.m., or on a weekend.

  2. oldmannick says:

    If you want really good pizza that’s sadistically irritating to order:


    If you want someone to eat it with, let me know. We’ve never met before, but new people are always fun.

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