Team New York City

I have decided that I will not be working with Channel-Fireball: The Pantheon for Pro Tour: Magic Origins. The logistics involved in going to a team house for a week, and leaving my family for a week and a half, are too expensive for me to bear four times a year. Given that no sets will rotate out this time, it seems like if I have to pick an event to not make the trip, this would be the right event to choose.

Instead, I will be testing with a combination of Magic Online, Cockatrice and in-person testing and drafting in New York City. If I find good teammates and partners, the bulk of my constructed matches will be on Cockatrice, with some in person, and Magic Online will be used mostly for limited practice. If I cannot find enough good partners, I will use Magic Online more aggressively.

If you would like to test with me on what I am for now calling Team New York City, let me know and I will ask the questions I need to and do my best to let you know where you stand as quickly as possible. Decisions will be based on those who I believe I would enjoy working with, who I feel could contribute, and who are logistically good fits, which means some combination of being frequently available on Cockatrice (especially during work hours) and either living in New York City or being willing to travel here for at least a week before the Pro Tour, preferably both. If you’re not qualified, but I know you and you would like to help out, let me know that too.

This is going to be a fun one, and I’m curious who I will be taking the journey with. It’s time to find out.

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