Magic Articles I’ve Written

Update 4/23/2017: I now write for Channel-Fireball. This is a link to my author page.

Posts in the Amonkhet and Kaladesh eras through 4/23/2017:


Mardu Planeswalkers

Red Drake

Empty Hand of the Gods

Set Preview:

Amonkhet’s Overlooked Cyclers


Mardu vs. Copycat


Reflections on the 2017 Magic Online Championship

For other articles, see my author page. I may or may not continue to update this post.

Original Post:

Star City Games continues to be my location of choice for Magic articles. It took a while to get these posted, but nothing too relevant seems to have happened in the meantime. Links to them seems like as a good a placeholder to put here as any.

Links to my articles from PT Paris:

Part 1: The Army You Have

Part 2: Hawkward Deck Guide



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